Hệ thống M2M công nghiệp

Geospatial Surveys / AVL / Single & Multiple frequencies RTK positioning / Vehicle Tracking / Security Surveillance / Precise Guidance / Machine Control
GPS/3G Thiết bị theo dõi trên xe
GPS/3G Thiết bị theo dõi tài sản
GPS/4G/3G Micro Tracker

GPS/4G/3G Micro Tracker

◎ Low Power Consumption and Smart Power Management, can be connected to external DC power or battery.
◎ Built-in digital accelerometer will detect the movement of MU201-S3.
◎ SOS alarm function when panic key is pressed.
◎ Compact and robust enclosure.
◎ Dimension: 60mm x 35 mm x 24.85mm

Theo dõi xe hơi
Mô-đun thu GNSS
động cơ Board
Điện tử hàng hải
Marine GPS Locator Receiver

Marine GPS Locator Receiver

◎ 1~10 Hz updates for smooth and accurate location
◎ highly accurate GPS
◎ Supports SBAS including WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS
◎ Compact, rugged design for all marine environments and fully waterproof

Trạm chuyển kéo dài tín hiệu GPS / GNSS
Điều chỉnh bộ thu tín hiệu GPS